Anaplan is announcing the introduction of several new innovations to enlarge its current product offering. These include Anaplan Workflow and Anaplan Geo-Mapping, several Anaplan applications for sales and Anaplan Polaris.

Anaplan Workflow and Anaplan Geo-Mapping will both become available in the fall of 2023. Thanks to the introduction of Anaplan Workflow it will become possible to run and follow up in Anaplan successive tasks which are part of a recurring process. Tasks can be assigned to the responsible persons and Anaplan then sends out notifications automatically to them. This will eliminate the need for manual interventions such as sending reminder e-mails to ensure tasks are performed in time.

Anaplan Geo-Mapping on the other hand allows end-users to visualize geographical Anaplan model data on a map. This can result in a map showing colored territories or marked locations. By means of different colors exceptions on the map can easily be spotted. Hoovering over them and clicking on these locations or territories allows the user to gain further detailed information.


In 2024 Anaplan launches several applications for sales. The first offering to become available will be the Territory & Quota Planning. This includes a standardized, pre-configured setup of lists and modules based on sales planning best practices. Anaplan bundles in this package those parts of the sales planning model which are identical across customers and industries. As such 60 to 80% of the final model is already pre-built and only the remaining part which needs to be custom made, has to be built by the customer’s model builders.

Finally, Anaplan Polaris is becoming available now. This is a calculation engine which can handle large and complex data sets.

Geschreven door
Brent Hoskens