One collaborative solution for all sales planning requirements

Have you reached your sales targets? Have you optimized your sales territories and quotas? Does your pipeline meet expectations? Can you make sure sales compensations models align with strategic goals? Centralize all your sales data and information in one platform for planning, reporting, analysis, and sales forecasting. Keep an eye on performance and always have an answer to urgent questions.

Manage sales performance and uncover optimization potential

Budget planning is time-consuming. Management sets ambitious goals and sales teams have to figure out how best to achieve them. Create one single version of the truth in which all operational and sales data can be integrated automatically. It unifies planning and target-setting processes.. Reports on actual, planned, and forecast data can be generated quickly.

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Improve collaboration in planning:

A uniform and consistent platform for all:

  • Connecting data from different departments and sources
  • Workflows for structured, transparent, and traceable processes
  • Direct integration and data entry from and into Salesforce
  • Planning wizards for top-down, bottom-up, and driver-based planning
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Salesforce + Anaplan = Optimize your sales now!

Anaplan Salesforce

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