Ever been confronted with boundaries and non-aligned functionalities across geographies, departments, or hierarchies within your organization? Tweak processes and define a common and consistent language with Anaplan’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) software. Anaplan connects data and people and serves as a binding force. For example, orders made by sales reps are directly connected to demand planning, financial budgets will automatically be linked to sales models for target settings and territory planning, etc... See below picture to further visualize how Anaplan acts as a honeycomb to drive better, faster decision-making across many use cases in Human Resources, Finance, Sales or Planning department.

Anaplan Honeycomb

One of the use cases mentioned above is ‘Incentives & Rewards’. Data sitting in other use case areas, such as Sales Performance data, data from the Sales Budget process (see previous article ‘Looking for a smarter way to set sales goals?’) or other KPI’s, crucial to follow up on the company go-to-market strategy, will be connected and collected in the ‘Incentive and Rewards’ model for further rollout. There’s no requirement for exports into spreadsheets, no mails to several parties for further review are being send out. All connections are happening within and between models on one, cloud based, platform.

Connect your strategy to your outcomes

Patrick Stevens

On top, results are shown via UX dashboards, in real time. While wasting time on cleansing and aggregating your data, opportunities might be missed out. This is where real time visibility does have impact. Real time data allows you to start analyzing from the moment an execution takes place in the field. Businesses will take better decisions and will have a more optimal sales execution instead of sailing blind.

Also, due to Anaplan’s flexibility, once a model is built, you can easily change models and keep it aligned with business needs. Your model will evolve as your processes and plans change. And let this be a key characteristic for business success.

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